About us

I'm Rita Benjelloun, a business woman and chef with more than 35 years of experience.  I was born in Marrakech, Morocco, and I grew up part of my childhood in Seville, Spain.  I come from a family of merchants, since my grandparents owned small companies in Spain and Morocco.

 In 1983 I moved to the United States of America with my husband Chef Rafih Benjelloun, with whom I learned the art of cooking studying the knowledge of Moroccan cuisine, establishing several restaurants of Moroccan and Mediterranean food.

 Following the example of my enterprising family, according to the Corporation Ameerah Imports, a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of different items of the home and restaurant, but once happened on 11/9/2001, my company suffered like many other companies the  effect of that fact, for which I lost customers and the business could not overcome such situation so I was forced to close, after overcoming such loss, I returned with my willpower my nature as an entrepreneur and merchant and started my new business  of selling books on eBay.  This business started in my apartment, where the books and other items came to occupy most of our dining room.  Then, with the support of my husband, I decided to lease a warehouse in order to expand and optimize the storage capacity of products.  This decision was one of the most decisive for the growth and diversification of my business.

 With the establishment of this new base in Atlanta, Georgia, and driven by my vocation and experience in the culinary and aesthetic areas, I decided to create Golden Gate Emporium, a small company dedicated to the sale not only of books but also of a wide and fine  selection of new and used tableware.  Orienting my company towards the sale of pieces of fine tableware was another very important step for my business, since it allowed me to make better use of my professional skills.  And is that as an experienced chef I know the importance of good advice for the selection of dishes to highlight and complement the beauty and flavors of a homemade gourmet-style meal.

 One of the biggest challenges I have encountered is to ensure a wide selection of products of the highest quality to meet the needs of each household and each type of food.  Fulfilling this objective has been possible through the search and contact with various suppliers in different parts of the world, including Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  The key in this process has been the careful attention to the details that characterize each product, including style, design and geometry, all of them determining factors in the selection of the right dishes.

 As is the case of many family businesses, the union and support of my family have been fundamental elements in my history, and I thank them and dedicate the achievements that I have achieved.

 Through Golden Gate Emporium, I have not only been able to grow as an entrepreneur, but I have also been able to contribute to the business of many people of different nationalities, to whom I buy their products in their countries of origin.  Moreover, through my company, I have been able to hire people who are both entrepreneurial and in search of growth opportunities, for whom I have always tried to be an example and source of inspiration.

 The constancy, discipline and perseverance, guided by a firm will to improve, have been the tools to build and strengthen my small business, currently Golden Gate Emporium, thanks to online commerce, operates with 7 people, personnel necessary for its operation and  in a space of 2000sq feet and with sales of 25k per year, but with the vision of being able to grow each day more to be able to contribute not only with the personal economy but with the other suppliers and especially to be able to offer quality products at low costs for the  customers .

With daily sales that stimulate me to continue betting on a financial freedom and a growing business supported by electronic commerce