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Albert Koetsier Blue Floral X-Ray Rain Lilly Framed Photography Art Print Signed

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Excellent Condition Albert Koetsier Blue Floral X-Ray Rain Lilly Framed Photography Art Print Signed Minor Light Scratch on Frame and a Little ripped paper on back, Please view item pictures for additional detail such as condition, colors, designs, or styles.

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Approx Size:13"H x 11" W

Albert Koetsier was born in the Netherlands. He loved art from a very young age. He became fascinated with the concept of photography at the age of 8. He was even able to build his own home made camera at the age of 10. He later became an x-ray technician but continued to devote the weekends to his love for photography. Soon, his hobby and work would merge into an art form that goes beyond the surface of his subject to the true beauty that lies underneath. Koetsier preferred to experiment with his artwork rather than pursuing formal education in art. Koetsier’s work has won him many awards yet his greatest rewards come from meeting new people, traveling the world, and discussing art with artists everywhere. He believes that art is the most vibrant aspect to understanding culture. Koetsier is revered for his x-ray photos of shells and flowers. His x-ray images have become a favorite of both corporate and private art collectors. He currently lives in Lake Elsinore, California with his wife, Anne. Koetsier’s artwork continues to inspire many artists. His resourcefulness, perseverance, mechanical abilities, and artistic eye combined with his true love of photography, enables him to produce vibrantly detailed photographs that give his viewers new perspectives on common subjects. He uses photography to tell a story, with his subjects ranging from landscapes and towns to plants and people. What motivates Koetsier are investigation and discovery. He believes investigating art keeps it from stagnating. His x-ray photographs are displayed in black and white as well as in color. His early photos show prowess with black-and-white photography.